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About Us

Honestly, Something Good

When people come together, we call that Family. When Families come together, we call that Community.
The families at Brubaker’s came together by chance over the course of the past 10 years. We formed bonds over our love for food, coffee, and serving others. We decided to band together and combine our histories in coffee, restaurants, and previous family businesses and create a new café experience. The charms of dutch baking passed down for generations; the beautiful art of coffee; a love of people; these are the ingredients that created Brubaker’s. We decided to package this new experience in a format that is quick and easy to enjoy.
We’re bringing this new experience to Sumter, SC, first. We will focus first and foremost on creating a fast, consistent, and professionally delivered coffee experience. Forget your old regular cup of coffee. Come have a cup here with your community. Have your coffee where every cup gives back. We are working to partner with local vendors for as many of our ingredients as we can manage, while providing you with the best value. We are also partnering with locally involved and invested not-for-profit organizations. We also source our coffee from small farms, and research into their growing practices, the families involved in these farms, and the way these farms give back to their communities.
In addition to amazing coffee, we will also have a bakery where we make fresh breads and pastries to pair with your coffee, Italian cream soda, or any of our other beverage choices. Enjoy a fresh sandwich made on our very own breads. We are making fresh foods available to eat fast. We’re not trying to make good fast-food. We ARE making Good Food, Fast.
Come join us soon, and enjoy Something Good.
Love and Best Wishes, from our Family to yours,

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